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Get your First Aid Certification with us

Find out how you can get your First Aid Certification and CPR Certification (CPR AED and First Aid Certification) with us and how is it useful to you during emergency situations.


What are the four steps of First Aid?

Step 1: Access the situation


Access your surroundings and check for any potential dangers to yourself, the patient or any bystanders. ​

Access the person's condition:

1. Is the patient suffocating of suffering from heavy bleeding?

2. Is the patient conscious? 

3. Is the patient breathing normally? 

4. Also, access the patient if he/she has any visible injuries, trauma or psychological trauma. 

Step 2: Plan for intervention


Get Help:

Call for help or ask someone else to call for medical help. 

Plan your First Aid interventions:

1. Plan your First Aid actions that you need to perform before medical help arrives. 

2. Determine the amount of help you can assist the patient depending on your skills and capability. 

3. Always ensure your personal safety first.

Step 3: Implement First Aid


1. Perform First Aid for life-threatening emergencies and based on the injuries the patient is suffering. 

2. If medical help is arriving, do not splint injuries. 

3. Maintain safety between the patient and the bystanders. 

4. Once medical helps arrives, inform the paramedics on the situation and assist with the transportation of the patient. 

Step 3: Evaluate the situation


Evaluate First Aid actions:

1. Ensure that medical help arrives soon.

2. Always ensure that the medical scene remains safe during all times. Else, consider moving the patient with the help of bystanders if the situation allows. 

3. Re-check the actions after initial assessment. 

4. Check the bandages and ensure that the patient's bleeding has stop. Else, add on more bandages. Do not remove any existing bandages. 

5. If the patient remains unconscious, perform BLS (Basic Life Support).

6. Handover the patient to the medical professional when they arrive.

7. Find out which clinic/hospital is the patient being transported to.

8. Inform the patient's friends and family.

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