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SPIN OUT Pte Ltd is a  fitness organization specialized in Indoor Cycling classes and bike trainer rental. Powered by Abvolution Wellness which has been around since 2011, our aim is to create a unique fitness program which utilizes real bicycles in the comfort of the user's own home. The program is designed to cater to not only professional cyclists but also the general public who wish to have fun training their fitness with cycling. 

What's the difference 

between Spin-Out and Studio cycling classes?

Unlike conventional indoor gym spin bikes, SPIN-OUT uses REAL road bicycles mounted on our bike trainers to give our users REAL-TIME cycling experience. REAL gears adjustment on bicycles, REAL bicycle seats and pedals.

The programme is delivered through Zwift, a virtual cycling application. Zwift can be viewed on screens, monitors, tablets and even mobile phones.

*Users may use their personal bicycles. Please consult us on the bicycle model and specifications.

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