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Snow Globes

Snow globes make perfect gifts for holiday parties, amaze your family and friends this festive season with a personalised low-cost snow globe that's both creative and lovable!


Materials needed:

Baby food jars

1″ Christmas Trees

Tiny deer or other small trinket


Pink Glitter

Gold Star Confetti

Fake Snow

Craft Glue

Acrylic Gold Paint

1″ circle labels (personalized with your own words)

Gold or pink ribbon

Exacto Knife

Paint Brush

Hot Glue Gun


  1. Paint the baby food jar lids gold. (might need to paint more coats to cover them completely)

  2. Once the lids are dry, use an exacto knife to cut a small piece of styrofoam to fit perfectly into the center of the jar lid. Make sure you leave room around the edge for the lid to screw back onto the jar. Once your styrofoam pieces are cut to size, use a hot glue gun to attach them to the inside of your lids. This will be the base of your winter scene.

  3. Decorate your styrofoam base. Start by covering the styrofoam with a thin layer of craft glue and then add the pink glitter. Next, use the hot glue gun to secure a Christmas tree and vintage deer into place.

  4. You might want to incorporate a special message into the snow globe scene: Use a small 1″ circle label personalized with your own words and carefully place it inside the jar so that when you looked at the winter scene you would look through the glass and see the message. To cover the white dot it created on the outside of the jar, add another circle label in the exact same place (on the outside).

  5. Add some fake snow and confetti to the glass jars. You don’t need to add much! You don’t want your little deer drowning in snow. Add approximately one tablespoon of fake snow and a pinch of confetti. Next, insert your scene (upside down) into the jar and screw the lid on tight.

  6. Turn your snow globes over and tie a pretty gold ribbon around the lid of your jar.

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