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Olaf-inspired Ornament

Presenting to you the Olaf-inspired ornament, a DIY combining both Christmas and Frozen the movie!


This DIY takes a spin on the famous line of Olaf from the movie Frozen - "Some people are worth melting for". Moreover, it is a simple DIY which can serve as a bonding session with your kids!

Materials needed:

Glass ball ornaments

Glitter/fake snow/sugar

Sculpey in white, black, orange and brown

Black vinyl, sharpie or letter stickers for saying


  1. Take the top off of the glass ball ornament and fill the bottom of the ornament with glitter/fake snow/sugar to represent melting snow.

  2. Using sculpey, make all of Olaf body parts - eyes, nose, mouth, arms, buttons etc

  3. Bake the made parts following the instructions on the package. (Note 1)

  4. While waiting for the parts to be baked, proceed with cutting out vinyl/stickers for the saying, "Some people are worth melting for", or write out the saying in sharpie/permanent markers etc on the ornament.

  5. Once the parts are properly baked, transfer them inside the ornament and close the top, you can also add a little glue to the top to prevent it from coming off.


  1. If you are using any baking tools (pans etc) used to cook food to bake sculpey, put down tin foil or something to protect the tools.

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