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Little Sachet Stocking Stuffers

If you are searching for a holiday present, this homemade sachet stocking stuffers make great meaningful gifts! They are simple to make and are also inexpensive!


Materials needed:




Sewing tools (needle, pins, scissors etc)

Stuffing (lavender, polyester etc)


  1. Cut out all the pieces in the pattern sheet (pattern sheet is uploaded at the end of post, extracted from the link below).

  2. Decorate the front (felt) piece of your sachet.

  3. Sew on ribbon if needed.

  4. Fold and press your fabric seams, and pin or loosely stitch them in place.

  5. Sew the felt and fabric together, right sides out, leaving a gap to add lavender or other stuffing.

  6. Stuff the sachet and finish sewing along the seam.

Extracted from:

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