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Get moving to manage stress and anxiety

Get moving to manage stress and anxiety

Managing Stress and anxiety can be challenge for you but nothing is impossible. You can deal with it by adopting various methods to live a happy life.There are various exercises that can help you manage stress and anxiety. Exercising increases serotonin levels which eventually results in a good mood.

You are not alone in this. Have my word. A lot of people struggle with stress & anxiety and it's completely fine to feel anxious in very normal situations. Having anxious thoughts or stress does not make you any less than other people. Everyone has different coping mechanisms. You can try what works best for you to manage stress and anxiety.

Moving around help you to stay active. When you don’t move your body and stay lazy for a long time, your mind wanders and negativity creeps into it resulting in anxious thoughts and stress. Drop negative emotions from your mind and keep yourself busy with physical activities. It will help reduce stress

I am giving you the most effective tips that will help you to calm your mind. Let's see what works best for you.

Identify triggers causing stress and anxiety

To manage stress and have a healthier life you have to identify sources that cause stress and anxiety. It is very easy to identify the triggers from your daily life like changing jobs, family relationship issues, toxic news, and Work issues. Your thoughts, feelings, habits, and attitude are also trigger points that play a vital role in increasing stress levels.

All you have to do is to focus on these sources of anxiety and learn to say No to all that. Limit your personal and professional boundaries. Stay away from the people which cause stress in your life. Positive thought helps your mind to relax. Turn off the TV if some news is toxic for your health. Analyze your daily task routine and don't make it too tough a schedule to follow. Make things easy for you.

Practice the deep breathing technique

Breathing sends a relaxing massage to your brain and body. In an anxious situation your heart rate and breathing increase. You begin to feel dizzy and start sweating, to control your anxious situation you have to practice inhaling and exhaling breathing techniques to feel relaxed.

Find a comfortable place to sit. Put one hand on your chest and the other hand on your stomach. Inhale air to fill your belly hold it for a second then exhale it slowly. Repeat this therapy 10 times. Replace your negative thoughts with your positive ones. This practice will help you to relax your mind so that you can feel good.

Follow healthy eating and sleeping routine

Some people start overeating when they feel stressed which is not good for their health. Stress and anxiety affect your sleeping cycle. Healthy eating habits will make your mind and body stressed free and you will feel happy and positive throughout your day.

Quality and quantity are important for sleep. That is the reason eight hours of sleep is mandatory for a healthy lifestyle. Under Stress, some people start sleeping late at night which makes them sick and they feel lazy the whole day. Make a proper routine of early sleeping and healthy eating habits. Stick to your routine so that you can manage your stress and anxiety level.

Get into more physical activities

Exercise is the best solution to deal with mental health conditions like anxiety and stress. Physical health is your prime importance which will make your mind and body strong. Workout eases your feeling of anxiety and boosts your sense of well-being. Try to do a 30-minute walk daily. Yoga is another way to calm your mind and body. Choose those exercises which you enjoy doing.

Set small goals each day to be consistent with your physical activities routine. Be patient with your exercise routine program. Some people who quit after two or three weeks don’t do it. Yoga, dance classes, and small workout sessions are best practices for both physical and mental health. These kinds of activities increase your motivation level to deal with any situation.

Avoid using drugs, alcohol, and other stimulants

Drugs and other stimulants excite your nervous system making it work quicker and faster for you. It can worsen your anxiety system. So avoiding the drugs and stimulants help you to manage your anxiety.

Drugs will give you temporary relief from stress, but it is not a permanent solution. Once you get addicted to it you will get more stress. Caffeine, found in coffee, chocolate, and energy drinks, excite your nervous system. Overconsumption of it may harm your sleep.

Share your feeling with someone you trust

Spending time with your friends and family is another way to manage your stress. Share your thoughts with someone very close to you so that you can feel mentally relaxed. If there are no friends you can also talk to a therapist to get help from them. Break the shield around you and talk to your loved ones. Loneliness is not the solution of every problem.

The social support system is another way to share your feelings. If you feel alone join clubs, support teams, or volunteering programs of your choice. In this way, you will distract your stress to feel relaxed.

Try to live in the present

Anxious and stressed feelings come out when you constantly live in your past and worry about your future. Focus on the present moment you are living in. In this way, you will make your present better than your past. Enjoy your present to make your future happy.

Don’t think too much about the future. Mindfulness helps you to deal with your tough time to reduce stress and anxiety. Too much thinking harms your health. Take breaks from your thoughts, walk around and take some fresh air.

Bottom line

There's no such thing that will make your anxiety disappear forever. It's all about the way how you deal with it. Learn to manage your anxiety and stress by practicing these tips. I know for a fact that it's always easier said than done. But you got this. I believe in you and you can do this. Have faith. Believe in yourself. You will get through this.

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