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Workplace Wellness Tips for Your Team’s Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

As we all know, healthy and happy employees are one of the keys to having a healthy and successful business. That’s why it’s important to promote workplace wellness. When we spend the whole day at work, many believe that the only way to keep our health in check is to eat healthily and go to the gym outside of work hours. But in reality, it is definitely possible to keep a healthy lifestyle even at your desk. Here are some workplace wellness tips that you can implement for your whole team.

Encourage Taking Periodic Breaks 

Making the most of your time is a good way to become productive, but taking breaks helps in preventing burnout and keeps you more focused. According to research, 90 minutes is the ideal amount of time for humans to keep focused. Encourage your employees to take a break every 90 minutes to help refresh their minds. You could use these mini-breaks to stand up from your desk, do some stretches, and drink water.

Have a Play Day 

Team building activities do not only improve teamwork and camaraderie between colleagues, but they’re also a great way to build good relationships, have fun, and promote fitness and mental wellness. You could reach out to corporate wellness program providers to help you develop corporate team building activities in Singapore. Team bonding events in Singapore could be family days, sports events, health and fitness workshops, tournaments, and many others that fit your program and objectives.

Organize Fitness Sessions 

Coordinate with a fitness trainer in Singapore to develop fitness training services for your employees. You could organize fitness and nutrition seminars, one-on-one or group consultations, health screenings, and regular physical activity sessions. Partner with a certified, reputable personal fitness trainer in Singapore to ensure that each program is customized effectively according to each of your employee’s condition and needs.

Mental Health is Wealth 

Holistic wellness means overall wellbeing - not only physical fitness and eating nutritious food, but also taking care of your employees’ mental wellness. Corporate wellness providers could help you come up with mental wellness training programs for your organization, to help you and your colleagues understand how to create a supportive, stress-free, inclusive, and motivating work environment. Organize mental wellness counseling and coaching for individuals to help them prioritize their mental wellbeing and have an accredited counselor talk to them regularly. Mindfulness sessions also help employees regain their focus and let go of stress. 


Working smart is better than working hard, and this is achieved by ensuring that the workers’ happiness, satisfaction, and health are prioritized. This will result in better productivity and increased retention. If you’re looking for corporate wellness providers who could help you with corporate team building in Singapore and personal and group wellness programs, ABvolution Wellness are health and wellness experts focused on creating physical and mental balance in the workplace. We help organizations create team bonding activities in Singapore, as well as events, corporate programs, and other activities. Get in touch with us now!

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