Companies can still reach broad demographic audiences – something that is becoming more difficult in our increasingly fragmented media landscape. Other advantages include sport’s competitive, friendly, and dynamic nature; its emotional involvement; and its connection with positive values such as tenacity, good sportsmanship and team spirit. 

We offer full event planning , logistics and manpower services for all events. Feel free to contact us to discuss and planning a fun and exciting sports day for your company! 

Your very first step to achieve HEALTH is to MOVE! 

Sport events / family day event planning


ABsolute Personal Training , also known as ABsolute PT powered by ABvolution Fitiness which was set up since 2011. ABsolute PT was created provides to all a more in-depth knowledge about our personal training styles.
Our mission is to give all our trainees ABsolute results to their goals. Specialised in Weight loss management and Body Sculpting, our experienced trainers are all chosen and trained carefully to tackle and solve all your problems. 

Team Building is an excellent way to introduce an educational, fun-filled activity into daily office routine. The objective is to provide an action learning experience exemplifying ideal team characteristics such as Leadership, Decision Making, Planning, Allocation of Human Resources and a Commitment to Communication as the foundation for an effective performance.

The activities and structure of a team building day bond your team while improving communication and team work. The fun environment created by a well-planned program develops confidence and trust, ensuring maximum involvement and a stronger organisation.

Team Building Activities 

Community Recreational Programme

Group Fitness Training

Why is Exercise Important?


We run fitness event such as bootcamps, group trainings, health talk and screenings for corporates and pre-schools around Singapore. To promote a good and healthy lifestyle and balance in the community and help corporates to achieve a healthy image. ·  +65 97305803

Group exercise known as GX training is very popular in the fitness communty. ABvolution introduces our self-design programmes such as ABsoluteCombat, ABsoluteHIIT, ABsoluteRelax. From popular programmes such as Zumba to piloxing.  These programs are popular in community centres and corporates. Do contact us so that our trainers will be able to explain more of these programmes to you. click in to see our range of programmes we offer.  

We strive to cultivate healthy communities by taking a personalized approach. It’s an approach that addresses the new era of condo ‘lifestyle,’ while remaining mindful of condo fees.

We tailor lifestyle programming to a building’s demographics and its residents’ unique interests. A few examples of this type of programming include celebrity chef or nutritionist-led cooking classes; a wine, whiskey or scotch tasting with a sommelier; and painting classes for kids. These are only a few programs that can help promote a social community around a condo’s particular lifestyle.

Have you ever heard the expression "use it or lose it"? It's true! If you don't use your body, you will surely lose it. Your muscles will become flabby and weak. Your heart and lungs won't function efficiently. And your joints will be stiff and easily injured. Inactivity is as much of a health risk as smoking!


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