Marketing and maintaining a wellness programme which last throughout the year can be tough and challenging. Often, companies face the main challenge to maintain the hype and consistency in getting participants to join the talks or fitness classes. To aid this issue, Abvolution Wellness provides a varieties of outreach programmes. These programmes act as marketing campaigns and ideas to reach out to the staff in the company, intrigue to boost participation rate for upcoming events. The programmes are mainly done over lunchtime period or start of the day as a mood booster. 

VR Fitness and sports games

Wellness bazaar

Corporate wellness outreach programme

The Blender Juice bike

The wellness bazaar is best to do during lunch time.  We invite various health vendors and services such as Healthy snacks , Manuka Honey, Chiropractic clinics, sports apparels, healthy lunch booths to be set up in the bazaar. Staff may also invite their family members to come by the wellness bazaar in their company to purchase healthy food or do a spine check. This is great for boost the awareness of health and wellness in the company, 

How about blending your own fruit juice while exercising. Our blender juice bike is fun to have in the company. Just with 20 seconds of cycling, you will be able to blend a ice cold juice as a reward! A selection of watermelon, rockmelon, papaya and dragonfruit to choose from! The blender bike station is easy to set up and tear down, and requires very minimum to operate. 

Fitness has taken another step into Virtual Reality. VR is extremely fun and exciting. It is FACINATING! The VR fitness is suitable for family day where kids can enjoy playing games such as boxing , bowling, tennis and cycling. User can play in mulitplayer mode and challenge one another. It is motivating and creative!